Monday, November 3, 2008

Fairy Wands From HouseOfMouse!!!

FAIRY WAND - Ninth and Jasper Collection

houseofmouse shop on Etsy has an unusual collections of unique and very original items. Here is a Fairy wand. There are also Fairy tamborines- (Stevie needs one) and Fairy garland crowns.

From Description of: Fairy Wand- Ninth and Jasper Collection

"INSPIRATION: Photo from my “Drive By Shooting” series. This photo is of a metal sculpture of cathedral organ pipes at the corner of 109th Street and Jasper Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta. Both the sculpture and the background building harmonize together in a range of subtle greys, greens and blues. The sculpture appears to be spotlighted by the sun and becomes dancingly fluid under its touch."

Be sure not to miss A Stitch In Time Choker- Mothers Widsom Collection, more fantastic jewelry, the felted bowls and everything else at:

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