Friday, October 31, 2008

Get Some Fairies At Paper Street!

Lovely Vintage Fairies!

I just LOVE these vintage images of fairies. You can use them in your art work and they are royalty free! Use them in your scrapbooking, altered art, ACEOs, journaling, and more.

High resolution!!! There are more kinds of Fairies at Paper Street.

This is a digital collage sheet that you can order very inexpensively from Paper Street, a store on Esty. With digital files, there is no added shipping cost!!!

Check out other collage sheets, like Mushrooms and Butterflies. Lots of different kinds of images, all beautiful.

Paper Street is having a sale, so I recommend that you fly over there soon.

Here is the store link:

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Felicia Fairy

A Fairy Dress!!!
It is amazing at how many great handmade items there are at Etsy. So many creative people all over the world show items they made themselves.
This hand dyed slip dress looks like a Fairy dress to me!!! It is SO beautiful! It is called, "Forest Greens."
Hand-made, Hand-dyed, Upcycled and Patchworked Goodies! What a great thing to do!
Please visit Felicia Fairy's shop at Etsy to see more beautiful work!

Cats Can Be Fairies

I read that animals can be Fairies, too. They are also referred to as Shapeshifters. Take my mischievous calico cat, Butch, for example. Please!
Just kidding! I have painted her with fairy wings. I have two birdies at home, too. I suppose they are Fairies.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fairy Magic

I don't know what range and what kind of magic Fairies can do, --yet. I need to research it. But I do know that some of them have magic wands, like Tinkerbell does. I do know that Fairies have affiliations with plants, trees and forests. Below is a painting I have done of a Fairy. She is called The Yellow Fairy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I must admit I became a bit overwhelmed when I started researching the lore of Fairies. There are LOTS of them! I mean, lots of kinds and all over the world! And not all of them are good. ew..... But, then- Fairies have a common thread throughout the world. Tiny mystical people-like beings that are often invisible and usually with insect wings.
I read about Sprites, too. They are a kind of Fairy. The Flame Sprites help the leaves turn brilliant colors in the fall.
There are Fairies that live in trees. They love Oak Trees, too.
I need to spend some more time researching and I need to get my hands on the Findhorn book. It has been many years since I read it and I am sure it will be a great source.
Thank you for reading! Please feel free to leave a comment.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fairies Made Visible

OK, so you can already see fairies. For others that can't... yet... I paint them so they can be seen.

Fairies have a long tradition in Ireland and probably many other places, too. Take a journey of discovery with me and we shall look into the lore of the fairies.

I read the Findhorn book and it opened my eyes. In the book it was described growing a fantastic garden where nothing had grown before. One of the methods was to employ the assistance of fairies.

I have tried this out and today I use this method in my fantastic gardens. Fairies are attracted by little mirrors and shiny things in the garden. I hang up crystals and suncatchers.

Where can you see more fairies? At my fairy shop, of course. No, I am not selling little slaves. These are willing fairies and they are only images!