Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fairy Hair Ornaments!

Skybluedesigns2 shop at Etsy has fabulous hair ornaments. Below is the Beautiful Antiqued Silver Plate Victorian Fairy Hair Barrette. To die for! Skybluedesigns2 says about this work of art: "I created this barrette using antiqued silver plated pieces with Victorian inspired design ."

The next one is: Beautiful OOAK Antiqued Silver Victorian Fairy Small Hair Barrette. Skybluedesigns2 says: "I created this one of a kind small barrette using antiqued silver plated pieces."

Skybluedesigns2's shop announcement:
"I create hair clips in all different sizes and designs. Almost all of my barrettes are one of a kind designs. I love anything Victorian so many of my barrettes reflect that influence. I also create mythological and fantasy type barrettes. I've been known to create some Goth and biker themed barrettes as well. I use brass, copper and silver plated materials in all of my designs. It is not uncommon to find pewter, cameos, glass stones or crystal pieces as well. "
I am in awe of these beautiful creations and of the craftmanship. One would think that these great works of art would be expensive, wouldn't one? Not so!

Link to skybluedesigns2:


Anonymous said...

your craft hi of very high standers
I love your fairy

FairyJane said...

Thanks for coming by, Cheryl! I will go visit your blog, too