Saturday, November 1, 2008

And What About Gnomes?

Buzz Handmade has Gnomes!

I don't know much about Gnomes, but I hear that they consort about in Fairy Land. Buzz Handmade has Gnomes that are either hand felted or in the form of beeswax candles.

This little guy is sweet, happy and easy going, but since he's a 3 year old, he's also a bit of a stinker. He is stylish and cosy in his teal robe with goldenrod trim. This little fella stands 6 inches tall to the tip top of his pointy hat, and would love to come romp in your garden. Little Ike is made of needle felted wool and is mostly for cherishing, although he could stand up to gentle play (though he may fuzz a bit).
This is a beeswax candle in the shape of a little bearded gnome fellow. He is a life sized replica of an actual gnome (which in case you are not familiar, is 2 inches wide and just a touch over 4 inches tall).
There are many more interesting handmade items at Buzz Handmade's shop.
Buzz Handmade's shop announcement says: "Be good to bees." ~ and~
"I make natural party supplies, soy candles and beeswax items for you to use and enjoy. We love parties and think that they are much more special with hand made party goods, not to mention less wasteful and more earth (and kid) friendly! "
Visit the Etsy shop of BuzzHandmade here at this link:


janina said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog, thanks so much for including my little shop!

FairyJane said...

You are most welcome, Janina! Love your shop.