Friday, October 17, 2008

Fairies Made Visible

OK, so you can already see fairies. For others that can't... yet... I paint them so they can be seen.

Fairies have a long tradition in Ireland and probably many other places, too. Take a journey of discovery with me and we shall look into the lore of the fairies.

I read the Findhorn book and it opened my eyes. In the book it was described growing a fantastic garden where nothing had grown before. One of the methods was to employ the assistance of fairies.

I have tried this out and today I use this method in my fantastic gardens. Fairies are attracted by little mirrors and shiny things in the garden. I hang up crystals and suncatchers.

Where can you see more fairies? At my fairy shop, of course. No, I am not selling little slaves. These are willing fairies and they are only images!


blackfeatherfarm said...

These are so charming. I knew I was missing something in my garden !

FairyJane said...

Oh Blackfeatherfarm!!!! You are my very very first comment here on Seefairies.
I just LOVE your blog and your shop at etsy!!! I am going to start adding B vitamins to my two dogs' food and grated carrots.
Thank you so much for commenting here. I feel so honored!!!

Katherine a.k.a. Katie Corrigan said...

Lovely, sigh, your fairies are charming and make my heart smile. Well done Jane. Wishing you all the best. Katherine P.S. I added you to my blog list :-)

FairyJane said...

Thank you, Katherine! I will add you, too. Thank you so much for coming by, and I hope you visit again soon. Now I will go see your blog.